Copy of Find

Finding your story is the core identity work of your business. It creates the foundation for all of your content and sets you up to create stories with purpose. 


Foundational Story Work

We help businesses of all kinds find their story. Uncovering what no longer serves you and discovering what will are key strategies we use to create a story foundation that will serve you for years to come.

Brand definition and proposition

Who you are and what you care about are defined and translated into narrative forms that can be used in any context that you engage with humans (formerly know as your audience) you want to work with, provide for, or offer value.



Story Audit

Before you start creating stories, we think it is  good practice to pause and take stock of the content you already have, identify gaps, and create a road map to work from. This is the beginning of your content strategy work.

Whether you are a one-person shop or a large organization, we can assess your content and provide you with a detailed audit with recommendations.

Some of the unique things that get revealed in these audits is exactly how your content is performing from a user perspective. Always loved your story in your About page? We're recommending you cut it. Felt delighted with your carousel of images from last year's wine festival? We're recommending you remove it. Audits can be moments of reckoning but we know they work.



Story Finding Workshops


With over a decade of experience, What Is Your Story? is an effective facilitator for small and large organizations in the process of finding their story, and in turn, their unique brand proposition.


This is a two-hour workshop that introduces how storytelling can be used to create authentic, value-based exchanges between businesses and their customers.


A workshop designed for your people and purpose. We promise that we will not be one of those workshops people regret giving up two hours of their day to attend. We want to move the dial and plant the seeds in order to grow a vibrant story culture within your organization.



Help me find my story

We offer a number of services to help you find your story.

Project-based: We love to find the heart of the story for campaigns of all shapes and sizes. We'll give you the brilliant idea, the core narrative, the foundational brand positioning statement to kick the whole thing off. Tedious hours of interviews, combing through stats, and analyzing content will be taken off your hands.

Just need a hand for a video, experiential marketing initiative, or annual report? We love to sleuth out what will tie it all together and reflect your core values and unique personality.

Brand work: We love story architecture. What is that you ask? In short, it is the blueprint of your brand's story applied to any context. We employ design-thinking and story methodologies to help you find your story as an organization and set you up with the tools to ensure you never lose sight of it. We will help you develop websites that line up with your core values, establish  guides on voice and tone, editorial, and social media and ensure story finding and capture are always lining up with your short-term goals and aspirations.

Content Strategy: Feeling like you're all over the place when it comes to your website, social media, newsletter or print-based publications? You're not alone. Anyone that tells you creating content is easy is not doing it right.

We can help get you get set up for success by finding your story and mapping it across all of your channels. Keeping the premise of your story front and centre in every piece of content you create is our goal.



Tell us your story problem!

If you need help finding the heart of your story and bringing it to life, let us know.