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Helping businesses find and tell their stories since 2011.

Margaret Doyle  | Principal, storyteller, content strategist

Margaret Doyle | Principal, storyteller, content strategist


We are a team of experienced storytellers with specialized skills in every aspect of the storytelling process.

Margaret Doyle

More than a decade ago, Margaret started asking businesses, “What is your story?” and discovered that the answer was never the same. Each story was as unique as the owner but it often seemed like this individuality wasn’t experienced by customers.

Today, Margaret continues to prompt leaders, owners, operators, and destinations with this essential question in order to create a catalyst for new thinking about the story they are telling. A passionate believer in what she describes as the ‘living narrative’, Margaret has developed story systems, training, and media for large corporations, governments, destinations, and businesses in order to shift cultures, inform and direct strategy, and bring stories to life. One of her favourite parts of working on a new project is the challenge of solving a narrative puzzle using digital, analog, memory, media and real-life elements to create a story experience.


Jess Werb  | Story Partner

Jess Werb | Story Partner


Jess Werb

Jessica Werb is a writer, editor and communicator whose words have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout Canada and the UK. As a journalist, she writes about the arts, business, health, science and parenting. As a communications consultant, she helps postsecondary institutions, small businesses and artists tell their stories and reach new audiences. Whether it’s a media release, multimedia story or feature article, Jessica strives to engage, educate and entertain. When she's not wordsmithing, Jessica enjoys snapping photos and playing the cello in various ensembles.


David Leidl  | Story Partner

David Leidl | Story Partner


David Leidl

As a seasoned writer/editor with more than three decades of experience in broadcast, print, online and other core formats covering a wide range of styles – business to lifestyle, finance to science – Leidl brings versatility, the odd touch of humour and a broad base of knowledge to help fix on the client’s needs and proactively create better solutions. Creating rewarding target-audience experiences underpins his work and inspires him to deliver exceptional content.


Mark Pilon  | Story Partner

Mark Pilon | Story Partner


Mark Pilon

Mark Pilon is an award-winning illustrator and designer whose work has appeared in magazines such as Motor Trend, Popular Science, and Wired, and Virgin Records. As a designer, he was creative director of the Georgia Straight magazine and has brought his indelible eye to enterprise-wide creative projects at the University of British Columbia since 2015. From animation to corporate graphic design, Mark brings extensive creative instincts and unerring design ethos to all of the projects or collaborations he engages with.


Nancy Arsenault, Tourism Cafe  | Story Partner

Nancy Arsenault, Tourism Cafe | Story Partner


Nancy Arsenault

Professionally trained as an educator, instructional designer, evaluator and researcher, Nancy is the  co-founder of the Tourism Cafe and an expert on experiential travel. She works in Canada and abroad designing and delivering interactive and engaging tourism training, often with the collaborating partners such as What Is Your Story? A sought out conference speaker, Nancy works with destinations to diversify their visitor appeal and formulate strategic and destination plans. The Tourism Café has been a collaborating partner for over a decade with What Is Your Story? helping tourism operators and destination marketing organizations find and deliver on their story promise to visitors.