Finding your story is the core identity work of your business. It creates the foundation for all of your content and sets you up to create stories with purpose. 


Foundational Story Work

We help businesses of all kinds find their story. Uncovering what no longer serves you and discovering what will are key strategies we use to create a story foundation for your business.

Through strategic listening, we work with companies to establish a core narrative that can be used in any communications context. We'll work with you to dig into your story of origin, uncover what is at stake, and define your messaging using collaborative story methodologies. Once you've got your foundation built, the rest of your content process becomes a lot easier!



Story Audit

Before you start creating stories, we recommend taking stock of the content you already have, identify gaps, and create a road map to work from there. Whether you are a one-person shop or a large organization, we can assess your content and provide you with a detailed audit that includes practical, short and long-term recommendations. While audit results can sometimes be a moment of reckoning for businesses,  we know after doing them for ten years that they provide a profound insight into whether or not your content is accomplishing your goals for your business. 


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Story Finding Workshops

WORKSHOPS AND TRAINING: We have been offering storytelling training for corporate, higher ed and tourism clients for more than a decade. We promise less PowerPoint, more learning and laughter, with strategic, applicable takeaways every single time.

STORYTELLING 101: This is a two-hour workshop that introduces how storytelling can be used to create authentic, value-based exchanges between businesses and their customers. A good starting point for any business or organization.

CUSTOM: A workshop designed for your people and purpose. We promise that we will not be one of those workshops people regret giving up two hours of their day to attend. We want to move the dial and plant the seeds in order to grow a vibrant story culture within your organization.



Story Hunting

PROJECT-BASED: We specialize in hunting down your story, capturing it and translating it for specific purposes such as advertising, campaigns, social media, annual reports, newsletters, long form stories, interviews and profiles, and experiential and immersive storytelling.  

CONTENT STRATEGY: Feeling like you're all over the place when it comes to your website, social media, newsletter or print-based publications? You're not alone. Anyone that tells you creating content is easy is not doing it right. We can help capture your stories and fuel a content strategy that meets your organization's strategic goals.



Tell us your story challenge!

If you need help finding the heart of your story and bringing it to life, let us know.

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